Safe, Easy, Practical for everyone.

    20inch with 4.0 tire electric tricycle

    4.0 tire tricycle , More comfortable and better quality

    aluminum frame.

    250w~500w motor.

    three disc brake.

    Shimano rear derailleur.


  • 20inch electric tricycle with anti-rollover function.

    Iron frame

    large rear basket

    20inch wheel

    Low speed for easy control


    Fr 20' wheel, Rr 16' wheel electric tricycle with anti-rollover function.

    Iron frame

    20-16inch wheel

    Low speed for easy control

    Classic e-tricycle

    ELECTRIC TIRCYCLES specifications


    For single speed tricycles, there is a tension gear, it can avoid chain falling off.

    ELECTRIC TIRCYCLES safe Protector


    Our electric tricycle use the torsion bar swing mechanism. You can change it by this switch. The tricycle will be more like a tumbler when you use the function.



    High Capacity Basket. There are two baskets at the front and rear. Rear basket is a bigger one. And they can load lots of cargo for shopping or transport.



    It'll be very easy and funny to drive tricycle with e-power.

    Normal battery is 36v10ah li-ion battery, also we can do high capacity battery, MAX is 23ah. It can supply you a really long trip.

  • Video demonstration tricycle anti-dump function

  • Aftersale Service

    We'd done electric bikes many years, and know parts market very much. Also, we'd worked with Bafang, Shengyi, Lishui, King-meter, Julet and etc from 2009. So, we also can help you to solve your problems of old e-bikes.


    We promise e-bikes have one year warranty, and solve any problem throughout lifetime.

    Customer service is our first target, it's not only for products.We will do our best to help you, and look forward to have a long time cooperation.



    Electric Battery

    Electric Battery

    Li-ion Battery is 24 months warranty.

    We can do many kinds capacity of li-ion battery if battery box is possible, and use best cell assembled project. Also, we supply many kinds of cells, Like Samsung, LG, Panasonic and normal cells with reasonable price.

    Electric Motor Bafang

    Electric Motor

    Motor is 24 months warranty.

    We'd worked with most of motor factory , like Bafang, XOFO, Shengyi & etc. You can chose what you need. We always get best conditions for you. We chose better quality motor factory with reasonable price, and keep bad rate less than 1%.